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Assalamu Alaikum

Welcome to the Sri Lankan Muslim Society of Western Australia. The Sri Lankan Muslim Society in an incorporated association of Muslim community of Western Australia, of Sri Lankan origin.

The need for a common, formal representative body for Sri Lankan Muslim ex-pats were realized after the 2004 tsunami disaster that devastated many parts of the world, including Sri Lanka. We needed official recognition for engaging in fund raising activities to help the tsunami victims at the time, as well as engaging with mosques and other communities to be counted as a community with its own identity and needs.

One of the stark realisation at the time was that we, as a community, were not prepared to deal with a death, should it occur to anyone from the community. As a result, SLMSWA was formed in early 2005, as subsequently incorporated, giving it official status.

Initially, the Society organized a Janaza workshop, and we gained a good understanding of the legal and religious aspects of dealing with janazas. Please read the News Letter for more details of the workshop.

In the early days, we wanted to actively engaged in charity collection and distribution, however, due to various reasons, we were only able to do a limited amount of that work, and recently the Society decided not renew the charity collection license.

Mission Statement

The Sri Lanka Muslim Society of WA is committed to preserving, promoting and encouraging the Islamic way of life among its membership under the provisions of, and through abiding by, the existing laws of the land.

It plans and launches programs that seek to strengthening the relationships of our members with diverse groups of people who call Australia home.

It informs the membership of significant issues and developments on social, cultural, political and economic fronts that may be of interest to the livelihoods of its members.


Are you a Sri Lankan by birth or lineage and moving to Western Australia from interstate or overseas? Do you need settlement advice and initial acquaintances with families or individuals with Sri Lankan connections and/or Islamic backgrounds? SLMS WA can help you.

SLMS WA organizes and gathers the members of its community for religious and other special occasions. These gatherings provide the platform for member-to-member interactions, networking and long-term friendships.

Become a Member

Through constitutional provisions, any individual or family who consider themselves to be a Muslim by lineage to a Muslim of Sri Lankan origin; or any individual in marriage to a Muslim of Sri Lankan origin, is eligible to apply for SLMS WA membership. Please fill in and send the membership form.

About Us

In early 2000s, the number of Muslim individuals of Sri Lankan origin in the Perth region hardly exceeded 50 . Some of them lived as young families and most were singles.

Formation of an incorporated society was not a priority at that time, however the Almighty God had other plans – the 2004 BOXING Day tsunami changed the cause of this small Perth Sri Lankan Muslim community towards a new direction.

The Boxing Day tsunami was an event Sri Lanka has not witnessed in her living memory. It brought an unprecedented level of death and destruction to properties and livelihoods. Moved by this tragedy, the expatriate Muslims of Sri Lankan origin desired to reach out to the victims at home in whatever way they could. SLMS WA Inc has been an outcome of this collective desire.

SLMS WA emerged at a time of great crisis at home. The pioneers who formed this Incorporated Association dedicated their time, effort and resources for the emergence of this Society. They then GENERATED funds and other forms of aid, and passed them over to charity organizations who were active on the tsunami relief work at home. The resourcefulness, forethought and actions of Marhoom (Late) Mr Ismail and other founder members of the Society are duly remembered.

SLMS WA subsequently annulled its status as a fundraiser organization. It currently functions only as a non-profit community organization.

Latest Events

  • Harmony Cup, Tape Ball Cricket Tournament

    @ Leederville Cricket Club,Britannia Rd, Leederville WA 6007

    on 7th Match 2016 (Monday)

    From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Community Calendar Distribution

    On 10 January 2016 (Saturday)

  • Community get-together at Rockingham Beach

    @ 18 Kerry St, Dianella, Perth WA 6059

    On 25th March 2016(Friday)

    From 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

  • Easter Monday Married Vs Single Cricket Match

    @ Beaufort Street Ground, Perth WA

    On 28th Match 2016 (Monday)

    From 1PM Onwards

Executive Committee

Mr. Thaiyar Rasheed
Mr. Thaiyar RasheedPresident
Mr. Rishad Mahroof
Mr. Rishad MahroofSecretary
Dr. Hafeel Kalideen
Dr. Hafeel KalideenTreasurer
Mr. Zulfikar Haleemdeen
Mr. Zulfikar HaleemdeenVice President
Mr. Mufthi Samsudeen
Mr. Mufthi SamsudeenAssistant Secretary
Mr. Afwaz Auff
Mr. Afwaz AuffAssistant Treasurer