History of the SLMS WA Inc

In early 2000s, the number of Muslim individuals of Sri Lankan origin in the Perth region hardly exceeded 50 . Some of them lived as young families and most were singles.

Formation of an incorporated society was not a priority at that time, however the Almighty God had other plans – the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami changed the cause of this small Perth Sri Lankan Muslim community towards a new direction.

The Boxing Day tsunami was an event Sri Lanka has not witnessed in her living memory. It brought an unprecedented level of death and destruction to properties and livelihoods. Moved by this tragedy, the expatriate Muslims of Sri Lankan origin desired to reach out to the victims at home in whatever way they could. SLMS WA Inc has been an outcome of this collective desire.

SLMS WA emerged at a time of great crisis at home. The pioneers who formed this Incorporated Association dedicated their time, effort and resources for the emergence of this Society. They then generated funds and other forms of aid, and passed them over to charity organizations who were active on the tsunami relief work at home. The resourcefulness, forethought and actions of Marhoom (Late) Mr Ismail and other founder members of the Society are duly remembered.

SLMS WA subsequently annulled its status as a fundraiser organization. It currently functions only as a non-profit community organization.

SLMSWA Constitution